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By having the content of IPCC reports in this Wikibase, we can query it with SPARQL and cross-link it with Wikidata and other knowledge bases. This is demonstrated with this eBook:

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Content of this Wikibase

This Wikibase was started as part of the Climate Knowledge Hunt Hackathon Summer Edition 2023. Currently, the focus is on making AR6 Synthesis Report: Climate Change 2023 (Q99) machine readable (or FAIR). This is a list of AR6 SyR paragraphs converted in reusable content.

Also check the SPARQL queries below and the online ebook IPCC Wikibase Queries.

IPCC Vocabularies

Confidence levels

Class: confidence level (Q1)


Class: likelihood (Q3)

Special likelihoods:

Other item sets


Adverse outcomes

Class: adverse outcome (Q41)


Class: region (Q42)


Class: DPSIR component (Q284)

Entity Schema

  • E1: section


SPARQL Queries