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The QuickStatements looks like this:

,"WGII SPM B.1.3",Q18
,"WGII SPM.B.2.3",Q18
,"WGII Figure SPM.2",Q18
,"WGII TS B.2.3",Q18
,"WGII TS Figure TS. 6",Q18
,"SRCCL SPM A.2.8",Q18
,"SRCCL SPM A.5.3",Q18
,"SROCC SPM A.5.4.",Q18
,"SROCC SPM A.7.1",Q18
,"SROCC SPM A.8.1",Q18
,"SROCC Figure SPM.2",Q18

With instance of (P1), section (Q18), and Len is the 'label in English'.